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2020/10/8 10:35:53 点击:528
Guangdong Kingtex Group presents new technology at ITA2020

Guangdong Kingtex Weaving Equipment Co.,Ltd. presents new technology at innovate textile & Apparel virtual trade show.

The travel restrictions posed by Covid-19 have put a haltto trade fairs of the conventional kind, but keen to take advantage of alternative options, KINGTEX is taking part in WTiN’s Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Show in October,Focusing on Ten core products .The aim of the event is toprovide textile professionals with a virtual place in which to present products and to demonstrate innovations.

To take advantage of WTiN’s virtual trade show, KINGTEX will showcaseits core technology offerings for the textile market.

Guangdong kingtex weaving equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, formerly a Sinoforeign joint venture Shunde Jinde Textile Machinery  Co., Ltd., which was transformed into Guangdong Fengkai Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2000, and introduced Legend Holding sinvestment in 2007, successfully completed the joint-stock reform; in 2015, the company's equity restructured for the establishment of Guangdong kingtex weaving equipment Co., Ltd, and the main business is weaving equipment .With" KINGTEX" as its core brand, the company is a well-known intelligent weaving equipment manufacturer in China, covering clothing, home textiles,industrial fabrics and other fields. It is a key enterprise in China's textile machinery industry.

The whole machine technology has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level. It is recognized by China Textile Machinery Association as theonly rapier loom product R&D center in China's textile machinery industry, which obtained more than 50 authorized patents / copyrights. As themain drafting unit, it has participated in the formulation of National textileindustry standard flexible rapier loom (FZ / T94004-2009) and National standard"warp stop bar for textile machinery and accessories electronic warp stop device".

KINGTEX is showcasing a number of its coreproducts at WTiN’s virtual event, including V8M high speed rapier Terry loom,Bestmax high speed rapier loom,KT800 high speed rapier loom,Jacquard rapier loom ,Industrial fabric loom and so on .

More information on KINGTEX’s products portfolio will be available across the duration of the virtual exhibition event. 
KINGTEX says it looks forward to advising and accompanying interested parties 24 hours a day throughout the course of the event.

KINGTEX is looking forward for your kind visiting.

Register in advance forthe ITA event