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2018/11/28 12:33:00 点击:6439

Dear customers,

From November 15, 2018, the sole agent of Guangdong Kingtex Weaving Equipment Co., Ltd in Surat, India already changed from Shivdhara Group to GoldenJD Group. The new agent GoldenJD group will be responsible for the marking and service of Kingtex machines in Surat, India from now on. All the existing customers who already paid the advance to KINGTEX please contact GoldenJD for the loading and service. The after-sale service of existing customers would be also taken care by GoldenJD and KINGTEX together. Following is the contact information of GoldenJD group:


Mr. Sandip Kedia: +91 9879614883.


Once again, we are very appreciated for your trust on our KINGTEX machines. We would also try our best to provide best quality machines and best service to all the customers.