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1. Name: KT566III Flexibility Rapier Loom

2. Material for weaving: cotton yarn, cotton and chemical fabric  blending yarn, elastic yarn, plied yarns, weft filament.

3. Weft density range:Ne3~Ne60, spun yarn: 50~3300tex filament.

4. Power:  380v±10% 50HZ

5. Working environment: 10℃<temp.<40℃

                     Comparative humidity<85%

6. Working time: 24h/day, 300 day/year.

7. Products: all kinds of light and heavy denim and fabrics.

8. Weight range:  30~800g/m2

9. Reed space: 1900 mm,2100 mm 2300mm,2800mm, 3400 mm, 3600mm

10. Rate of weft-insertion : ≤1000 m/min

11. Weft density range: 1.5~134pick/cm

12. The diameter of take-up device: ¢600 mm

13. Way of rapier tape driving : lappet

14. main motor : ≥5.5 kw

15. Type of rapier: Flexibility

16. Way of rapier driving: space four-bar

17. Beating-up: conjugated cam drive

18. Automatic weft finding: with automatic weft finding device and slow device, reed cannot move when loom is weft finding, only frame drive.

19. Weft selector: electronic, do it at key board by yourself.

20. Weft colors: 2colors~6 colors, 6group set, provide Anti- double weft setting.

21.  Selvage: Electronic LENO device

22. Warp-stopping device: 6 rows electronic warp-stopping device

23. Let-off: electronic, function of check warp tension and control the quantity of let-off, compensate different tension when working. Avoid the stop mark.

24. Take-up: Electronic automatic change weft density, can be done on key board, and both control let-off system and weft finding device.

25. Diameter of beam: ¢800mm or ¢1000 mm

26. Shedding: GT405-II Dobby (Made in China)

27. Heddle frame: 12--20pcs/set

28. Drive requests: torque motor, beat up the first weft in full speed, the control key has functions of start, brake, inching, etc.

29. Microcomputer control: large screen display, to save and modify the technological parameters.

30. Lubrication system: automatic oil system.

31. Noise: <90 DB

32. Automatic weft finding: has compensation device. Clearing up starting mark.

33. Offer free service about Technical training, operation the machine, etc.

34. Customer Service response should be in 24 hours.