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Main power

High torque motor.Power: 5.5kw and 7.5kw


Design max speed 550rpmoptimum speed 400-450rpmmax weft insertion rate 1045m/min


Electronic Dobby,with 20 shafts heald frame at most.



servo electronic let off and take up, to achieve constant tension weaving and can realize the variable density of weft weaving.Max warp beam flange Dia. Φ800Φ1000Max cloth rolling Dia.Φ600

Control system

Adopting 32 bit microcomputer control. Loom auto stop when weft breakage ,warp breakgae,empty weft,multi weft and positioning stop. Automatically detect and display error. Group control management, remote control, on-line diagnosis.

Weft insertion

By space 4 linkrod structure,drive rapier wheel reciprocating motion by setor gear. Its helpful to reduce noise by using small shedding,small gripper and small stroke technology. Insert weft at left,handover in middle,superior weft holding mode to ensure a smooth weft handover.

Beating up

Conjugate Cam beating up mechanism,separate sley,enhance the rigidity of beating up mechanism and beating up strong,more conductive to high speed weaving movement balance.

Weft selection

Adopted Stepper motor control rotary high speed electronic weft selector(operated by KINGTEX ),4-16 colors

Selvadge formation

Rotary electric stepper motor control(single or both sides). Option:Tuck in and selvage Jacquard.

Suitable weaving

Light or heavy fabric such as Cotton,Linen,wool,polyester,Blending,glass fiber

Yarn scope

Man-made fibers:5-1000 tex,Filament:10-3300D, Cotton: 3-80S


190cm210 cm220 cm250 cm260 cm280 cm300 cm320 cm340 cm360 cm380cm,Each selvage can be reduced by 30cm.Both selvage can be adjusted by 60cm in all

Weft detection technology

Using the current weft detection technology, whether can realize single hole adjustable sensitivity.

Digital Adaptive brake technology

According to the abrasion of clutch,start brake angle can be set automatically to realize positioning stop.

Multi-warp beam weaving

Loom can be equipped with Double warp beam or multi-warp beam(front&back,left&right,up&down.)