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DS300高速剑杆绒布织机Velvet loom (New)





Nominal reed width: 190,230,260,280,320,340(cm).

Loom speed: Design speed 500 RPM, Optimal speed 250-350 rpm.

Piling height: 0—10(mm).

Suitable Yarn: Cotton 3-80s, Filament 20-1000D, Man-made fiber 5-500Tex.

Main drive:High Power Asynchronous Motor Drive,stepless speed change by inverter.

Pile feeding:Optional mechanical feeding device or servo electronic feeding device.

Shedding:Electronic Dobby,with levers up to 20 pcs.

Beating up:Double-side drive, conjugate cam beating-up mechanism.

Weft insertion:Space four-bar linkage drive, single cloth- fell weft insertion device.

LET OFF: Servo Electronic Let off.

TAKE UP: Servo Electronic take up.

Pick finding:Slow motion Automatic pick finding Device.

Color selecting:Electronic color selection device, up to 8 colors.

Warp beam:Ground beam 800mm,Pile beam(P800 or 1000mm.

Batching:Outer double Batching device,Max<P800for each batching device.

Weft control: Electronic weft detector, high sensitivity, anti-double weft, up to 8 colors.

Warp Stop device: electronic warp stop device.

Lubrication device: closed cycle lubrication device. Equipped with oil pressure and oil level alarm device.

Selvage formation device: Independent electronic LENO device.

Optional device: electronic Selvage jacquard device, Hot-melt Selvage device, etc.