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1--Main drive  High force start motor,5.5KW(<280cm) / 7.5KW(280cm)

2--weft insertion  Space 4-linkrod drive to send and take weft,16mm Narrow tape for inserting weft,SM93 Gripper for glass fiber weaving

3--Beating up Bilateral Conjugate cam beating up,Separate slay,Floating guide hook shed

4--pick finding   Forward slow Reverse pick finding

5--Shedding Lower type Electronic dobby GT405-II,with 12 levers(or 16 levers)

6--Let off   1.5KW Servo Electronic Let off,

7--take up 1.5KW Servo Electronic take up

8--color selecting Enhanced electromagnetic finger  color selector2/4/6 color

9--control system Adopting 32 bit microcomputer control. Loom auto stop when weft breakage ,warp breakgae,empty weft,multi weft and positioning stop. Automatically detect and display error. Group control management, remote control, on-line diagnosis.

10--lubricating & Cooling Closed forced circulation lubrication system

11--Dia.of warp beam False warp beam φ524 with Back yarn distribution creel(Option:φ800 &φ1000mm)

12--Dia.of cloth rolling Max Inner rolling Dia.532(Option:Outer big roller,max Dia.1500mm)

13--Reed width 150cm190cm210cm230cm260cm280cm 300cm320cm 340cm360cm

14--weft density 3~200 pick/cm

15--Special configuration for Glass fiber loom:

(1)Chopper type selvage cutterJacquard model cutter shaft transmissionMulti-cutter for option                    

(2)Waste edge take-up mechanismOptional1KW Suction type)             

(3)Enhanced Take-up mechanism