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V7M High Speed Terry Rapier Loom

1. Loop foramtion: Reed moving type.

2. Width:260cm

3. Width adjustment:800mm

4. Yarn range: single yarn, plied yarn, staple yarn: 2-200Nm,Filament yarn: 10-3000tex

5. Max weft insertion rate:1300m/min

6. Shedding: Electronic dobby(with 20pcs levers at most) or Electronic Jacquard head.

7. Beating up: By bilateral conjugate cam.

8. Weft insertion:Adopting four-axis cross sphere crank structure.

9.Warp beam:800mm ground beam; 1000mm pile beam

             1000mm ground beam 1250mm pile beam

10.Color selector:6-color electronic color selector( you can match 4\6\8\12\16 color)

11. Weft density range:2-200 pick/cm. You can set the weft density in pattern.

12. Weft feeder: Elecetronic weft feeder.

13.Lef off: Servo electronic let off

14.Take up:servo electronic take up

15.Rolling diameter:600mm,you can match outer big roller.

16. Selvage formation: Electronic leno or driven by Jacquard head.

17.Weft control:High sensitivity Current type weft detector.

18.Main drive: By 3 phases 7.5KW motor or directly driven by Super servo motor  

19.Lubrication: centralized force-feed lubrication, oil bath type.

20.Selvadge formation: you can choose tuck in device and Selvage Mark Jacquard Loom.


Main feature: this model has reached international advanced level.

1、Main drive:Adopting super motor drive directly,which can realise the motion such as start,brake and slow motion,pick finding. Output torque as actual load to save energy.

2、Electronic control system: Adopting microcomputer control. Loom auto stop when weft breakage ,warp breakgae,empty weft,multi weft and positioning stop. Automatically detect and display error. You can input the parameter such as fabric pattern, tension,weft density on panel or by USB and wireless way. Loom will gather datas about stop, output and efficiency as parameter. All motion is accurate and loom can be connected with network and remote transmission can come true so that the running and service information can easily feed back.

3、Control the loop by reed moving principle,together with the High Dynamic drive which can make different loop height for each group weft yarn.( The loose weft distance can be 22mm) . You can change the loop pattern in changing weft freely on same pattern by programming. Changing the quantity of additional weft yarn as well. The loose weft distance ca be adjusted to guarantee the best shift effect between loop and  satin line.

4、Lubrication and cooling:Drive oil way by single oil pump motor.Closed forced circulation lubrication system, which can keep all parts can be lubrated well and with longer life.