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Flying J(A)剑杆提花商标织机




FLYING J(A) High Speed Rapier Jacquard Label loom

The machine features:

(1) Control system: digital set,intelligent control of cutting temperature and shaping effect.

(2) Thermal Cutting:6 section Temperature control(30 pcs knife for each section) ,Intelligent temperature change,Fast lift knife temperature when power on,Setting slow cutting temperature,Automatically adjust the knife temperature when speed changing.It's more safe for Full isolated power supply.

(3) Heat setting:Using PID accurate temperature control technology,The patented temple shaping mode,Ironing board and the temple shaped are used energy-saving design,which can ensure a reasonable temperature and no harmful to the fabric.

(4) Cycle quantity:Normal 8 section plain.   8.5 sections for special setting.  Option:16 sections for Satin pattern

(5) Heald wire:Carbon fiber thread,Fully spring return heald,The connection point is covered with a plastic sheath



150cm190cm230 cm



Dia. of Warp beam


Main power

Main Motor,7.5kw,Speed adjusted by convertor

Weft insertion

By space 4 linkrod structure,16mm rapier tape with floating guide hook.

Beating up

Conjugate Cam beating up mechanism,separate sley,or floating guide hook shed.



servo electronic let off and take up, 1.2kw

Weft density

0-2000 pick/10 cm,Max cloth rolling Φ400

Control system

Adopting 32 bit microcomputer control. Loom auto stop when weft breakage ,warp breakage,empty weft,multi weft and positioning stop. Automatically detect and display error. Group control management, remote control, on-line diagnosis.

Weft selection

Adopted Stepper motor control rotary high speed electronic weft selector(operated by KINGTEX ),16 colors at most. Current type single hole water sensitive weft detector.

Selvage formation

Big Jacquard drive the Selvage formation .Optional : Rotary electric stepper motor independent selvage mechanism.