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F22 J(B)高速喷气提花织机




1--Reed width  190230280340360cm

2--speed  700650600550500 RPM

3--shedding Jacquard driven by super servo motor,no need vertical shaft link to mainloom. Heald leveling time can be adjusted at any time.

4--Power   Super start motor 3.0KW\3.7kW

5--Weft insertion main nozzle + assistant main nozzle+ Sub nozzle

6--Beating up  4-linkrod,6-linkrod

7--Let-off  Electronic Servo lef off.    Beam Dia. φ800

8--Take-up  Electronic Servo take up.Weft density change weaving.

9--Color selecting 2,4,6 colors.

10--LENO   By planet gear.

11--Weft cutting   mechanical cutter.

12--Lubrication Oil bath in main drive parts,other parts lubricated by electric pump at fix time.

13--Stop  weft stop-reflective weft feeler(single or double head)

         warp stop-By Electric 6 low contact rod.warpstop can be showed apart on left and right side.