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1--Super start motor,with Independent inverter control,2.2KW(<280cm)

2--Electronic LET OFF & TAKE UP by 1.2kw Servo motor & Servo control system

3--Crank shedding,Cam shedding,with 8 pcs heald frame at most

4--Bilateral 4 linkage beating up(6 linkage for option)

5--weft insertion: Main nozzle+Sub nozzle+weft detector. Main nozzle and Sub nozzle are driven by Solenoid valve

6--Electronic pressure adjustment function for option

7--LGL Weft Feeder

8--Slow motion and Auto pick finding controlled by inverter

9--S type 250kg Load cell

10--Bilateral planetary leno mechanism,Electronic leno mechanism for option

11--Negative warp loosing mechanism

12--Mechanical Chopper edge cutter

13--Single jet, double-jet freely weft selection

14--Dia.of warp beam flange:Φ800mm/Φ1000mm;

15--Inner Max winding Dia.Φ780mmElectronic constant tension

16--suction device special for Fiberglass

17--Pneumatic yarn blowing function

18--With infrared protection and spotlights for cloth check

19--Main transmission part adopts oil bath lubricated, the rest of the timing lubrication by electric pump and manual grease

20--32bit CPU microcomputer control. Group control and online networking and remote diagnostic functions