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KINGTEX, a big name in the Chinese textile machinery industry, as a widely recognized national brand,since the foundation in 1992,it experienced the baptism of social and economic tide ,as well as the rise and down of textile industry market. No matter what Changes, KINGTEX always blooming with brilliant light!

In 1992 Southern Guangdong, the spring breeze in reform gently passed, and gave the life to a Sino-foreign joint venture textile machinery enterprises. That’s the Shunde KINGTEX Textile Machinery Company Limited. Soon after, "KINGTEX" brand looms quietly appeared in the Chinese textile market and exported to Southeast Asia, leading the way to a good reputation.

In 2000, With a wave of reform in state-owned enterprises, Shunde KINGTEX Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. was established to a private enterprise - Guangdong FengKai Machinery Co., Ltd. After restructuring, same management team and same KINGTEX brand, with the innovative technology, now developed into the backbone key enterprises of China's textile machinery industry. Loom product technology leads the domestic market and international advanced level.KINGTEX also became the drafting unit for national textile industry standards - Flexible rapier loom(FZ / T94004-2009) .By the Superior technology, together with the excellent quality and service, "KINGTEX" brand is increasingly being known by market, sit tight the leader throne of similar domestic market segment .

2015, Guangdong FengKai Machinery Co., Ltd. announced the reorganization. Meanwhile, Guangdong KINGTEX weaving Equipment Co.LTD set up,and undertake all weaving equipment business FengKai company , being "KINGTEX" trademark new inheritors.

The Classic culture is inherited, with the same passion, and vision of the future. KINGTEX people always firmly put the full of love on the textile machinery industry , adhere to the corporate mission "Technology weaving happy life with you! " , continue to create value for customers, to contribute to the transformation industry upgrading.